Arts & Wonder

Arts and Wonder is all about loving art and coming together to share our passions.   We strongly advocate art and creativity for well-being, personal interpretation and accomplishment and through sharing our creativity – you can make something beautiful.  We believe that everyone has the ability to be artistic and the recognise the importance of what art means to us all.   We particularly enjoy working with children and those young at heart. 


Katie has been a part-time hobby artist since she was young, in between managing a busy career.  She has now embarked on using her creative skills to fulfill her dream.   Katie has a particular affinity for ceramics and printing and has a strong passion working with children, fostering their love for creativity early and encouraging them to develop their own style.  Katie believes that art is beneficial to create calm, well-being and self worth. 


Krisztina (Kitty) is a ceramics artist with more than twenty years of experience in creating clay vessels, gift items and sculpture. Her love with figurative work lead to create functional items with figurative ‘story telling’ elements. For Kitty, every lump of clay has its story and she is simply helping the clay to become what it longs to be. Kitty also has been a ceramics and art tutor for more than four years working with the NHS, schools and the Worcester Arts Workshop. Teaching both children and adults made her witness the various positive therapeutic affects of art from recreation, self esteem, social skills to mental and emotional heath.

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