Terms & Conditions

Before making a transaction, you are required to confirm that you understand and accept our terms and conditions by ticking the box.

You will receive confirmation of your order by email and will not normally receive further communication from us unless it is to query or clarify information about the purchase. 

At the time of purchase for a course, you are invited to download a document which will provide you with the relevant information about the venue and joining instructions.

We reserve the right to reject any purchase at any time. We work continually to ensure our website and our payment facility are secure, maintaining compliance with our payment service providers. We cannot be held responsible if losses occur due to unauthorised access by a third party.

If there is anything that is unclear or that you are unhappy with, please contact us in the first instance by email at: info@artsandwonder.co.uk

Your information, retention and sharing

When purchasing a product (courses, workshops, at-home clay kit) via our website, we have access to the following information: name, address, contact telephone number and contact email address.

We use this information to contact you about course and product administration and to post physical products.

The information is retained by us for as long is necessary for the product to be fulfilled and the course completed.  

When purchasing a product or commencing a course, your consent is sought to contact you with information about our other products. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

At the beginning of each course, your consent is sought to take photographs of you and/or your work in our marketing and social media.  This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

We do not share your information with anyone outside of Arts and Wonder. 


We take payments in the following format: debit or credit card (online), PayPal (online), card-reader chip and pin (in-person transactions only) and in some circumstances direct bank transfers to us.

If you are pay by credit card or debit card, you authorise Barclaycard, our secure banking platform to provide us with information to enable us to fulfil the sale and contact you.   This secure platform works alongside your own bank security to make an online purchase. 

If you pay by PayPal, you authorise PayPal to provide us with information to enable us to fulfil the sale and contact you.  

Please refer to Barclaycard, PayPal and your own bank terms should you have any concerns.

If you pay by chip and pin by purchasing products at outside events, you are required to enter your PIN or tap your card.

Cancellations of Products & Classes

Once a payment is processed, we regret that we cannot issue a refund unless a product has been purchased in error.  In these circumstances, you are required to order the correct product before a refund for the incorrect product can be processed.

Our courses are non-refundable.  If for any reason you cannot attend the course, you can transfer the entire booking to a friend or family member.  You cannot attend part of a course and another person attend another part.

If for any reason Arts and Wonder cancel a course or a class, you will receive a refund, or a credit note should you prefer.

Refunds are to the same account from which the purchase was made.

Refunds can take up to 5 working days to process via the secure banking process.

Physical Products

We recommend that you use the at-home clay kits within two months of purchase to make best use of the materials enclosed.  The clay must be stored in a wrapped and soft, workable state before making your items.

Should any other item within at-home clay kit be faulty or does not work, please contact us to discuss if a replacement is required.

Damages & Breakages

Ceramics is a delicate craft form and unfortunately damages and breakages can occur during the making, drying, and firing process. 

Instructions and guidance are provided advising you on the best process and techniques to make an item using clay and the necessary health and safety information on working with the materials and tools.

By engaging in any ceramics activities, you understand that breakages can occur.  We do our best to make repairs, however, in some circumstances this may not be possible.